2017 HSC Results

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2017 HSC results at The Scots School Albury proves that hard work and dedication pays off. The class of 2017 have worked consistently well and have attained pleasing HSC and ATAR results.

40 per cent of this year’s cohort were ranked in the top 20 per cent in their respective subjects and 11 students have been included on the Board of Studies Distinguished Achievers List. 63 per cent of subjects achieved above the state average.

“I would like to congratulate the Class of 2017 on what they have achieved this year. I’ve had the pleasure of watching them shine throughout their HSC year with many of them growing and refining their academic studies. I’ve been really impressed with the way the students have worked with their teachers to reach their personal best”, said Ms Peggy Mahy, Principal of The Scots School Albury.  “Our students are very lucky to have such dedicated, caring and supportive teachers,” she added.

“I would also like to congratulate and thank our dedicated teaching staff and parents of this year’s school leavers for their unwavering commitment to helping the class of 2017 fulfil their potential.

“I am confident, Class of 2017, that your lives will be remarkable success stories and you will recognise and size life’s opportunities with amazing dexterity and live a meaningful life.

“Just remember, whatever your results are, your future will not be defined by your ATAR score,” added Ms Mahy.


Ella Pitteri was among 60 HSC students from The Scots School Albury and can’t be more proud of herself on what she achieved. Ella met the criteria for the prestigious All Round Achievers Award as she achieved Band 6 or E4 in all her subjects: Biology, Chemistry, English (Advanced), Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1 and Italian Beginners. This outstanding score is a reflection of Ella’s dedication, work ethic and commitment to her studies.

Ella has been at Scots since Year 4. “Over the years the School has become like my second home. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to such an excellent school, with such a friendly and caring school community of teachers, students and parents,” she said.

“The teachers at Scots truly go above and beyond, pushing us to reach our academic potential, but more importantly, looking after our mental health and sanity in this challenging year. I couldn’t have done it without their dedication and constant support, both in and out of the classroom. I am also extremely thankful to have been part of such a supportive and unique year group, making this final year memorable for reasons beyond the HSC.

“I am beyond happy with my results, it is a great feeling to have all that study and hard work pay off. They also make me reflect on the factors that contributed to my success, and I owe it all to my parents and friends but particularly Scots.

“These results are a tremendous help and comfort for the future, allowing me to relax and enjoy my Gap year in Europe, then hopefully securing myself a spot in a course at  Melbourne University in 2019,” said Ella.

A student at Scots since Year 7 and the Dux of the School, Oscar Heer, achieved Band 6 in Chemistry and Physics and E4 in Mathematics Extension 1.

“I have really enjoyed my schooling at Scots over the years. It’s a very inclusive and supporting environment, all the teachers are there to help you, often staying behind to assist me. I found that to be extremely valuable, especially around exam periods. They really want us to do well.

“I am proud of my academic achievements at Scots, and they would not be possible without the support of my teachers, my parents, and the school. I think it’s easy to underestimate the contribution of accessible school facilities such as a library to come and go from. I am also proud of the way myself and my year group coped during stressful times. Everyone stuck together which is great—it lets you know you’re not alone. It makes the hard times easier,” said Oscar.

Chiara Lamond began her journey at Scots in Year 7 and has endeavoured to be a part of school life through dance, debating, sport and leadership.

“I am very proud of completing the HSC, I think too few people realise just how mentally and emotionally tough it can be. It’s comforting though to have everyone in the same boat. The teachers have done it all before and will do it all again before long and it reassuring to know that as draining as it gets, you’ll get there,” said Chiara.

“I think my HSC results will set me up for my future plans to travel and volunteer next year in South America and then eventually get into university in 2019,” she added

Amelia McCrabb, 2017 School Captain and a Boarder from Wanganella, has taken advantage of the opportunities presented by living on campus at Scots.

“Going to school in Albury allowed me to do so many things that just wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t boarded. I was fortunate enough to be able to play in numerous sports teams: basketball, netball, AFL, soccer and tennis to name a few whilst still being able to travel home for pony club rallies.

“I am happy with the marks I received and they will help me to get where I want to go,” said Amelia.

The Scots School Albury 2017 HSC results unpacked: 

  • 60 students sat for the Higher School Certificate (HSC) at The Scots School Albury in 2017.
  • Between them, the Class of 2017 studied 30 courses, ranging from extension subjects in English, Mathematics, History, Music, French and through to Agriculture and Modern History, and vocational courses including Hospitality.
  • 11 students have been included on the Board of Studies Distinguished Achievers List for students who achieve a HSC mark of at least 90/100 (Band 6) for a 2 Unit course or 45/50 (E4) for a 1 Unit course in one or more subjects.
  • 80 per cent of 2 Unit course results were Band 4 and greater. 90 per cent of Extension course results were Band E3 and greater.
  • The school has achieved exceptional results with 40 per cent of the students placed in the top 20 per cent of the state in their respective subjects.
  • We have had some outstanding results in our science-based subjects including Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Extension 1 Mathematics.

2017 HSC Results Report

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