2019 ATAR Assembly

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At the beginning of Term 1 2019 The Scots School Albury held our ATAR Assembly to celebrate the success of Class 2018. Congratulations to Bree Poole, our 2018 School Dux!

Thank you to past students from Class of 2018 for attending the Assembly and sharing their HSC experience with our students and teachers:

Cowell, OliviaOlivia Cowell

Good morning everyone. After now having spent some time away from last year’s classes, study sessions and exams, I’m now in the lucky position where I’ve been able to reflect upon and appreciate the difficulties and successes of my final year of high school. You’ve almost certainly heard it before. Year 12 is a challenging yet rewarding year. I found that the ups and downs of the HSC tested every single one of my abilities and previously held ideas about what the year would throw at me. And although the year challenged and frustrated me, it also taught me the value of balance and friendship – and I think these are the two things you should all hold onto and keep at the front of your mind as you attempt to find the equilibrium between doing enough study and maintaining a social life. While the HSC was hard, what made the year so amazing was the friends that I had beside me, the ones that were also going through the same thing. The same stress, pressure, uncertainty and final jubilation that is the HSC. Read more…


Scholz, BenjaminBenjamin Scholz

I don’t like to think of my HSC year as a journey. Instead, I think of it as an odyssey, by which I mean that it felt like it lasted ten years, involved being chewed up and spat out by every passing subject I encountered, and then, when I got home afterwards, I just felt like stabbing anyone that mentioned it. I am of the strong opinion that children should not be subjected to the HSC, under any circumstances. Unfortunately for the current Year 12’s, most of you will be eighteen by October, so sucked in. In all seriousness though, the HSC is both not that bad, and absolutely awful, and if that statement confuses you, you’re going to have so much fun in English. Read more…



Poole, BreeBree Poole

Good morning everyone. This assembly is an annual tradition as most of you know. And whilst every year you sit and listen to some high-achieving students that seem to have nailed their HSC year, you never really leave feeling enlightened or motivated or moved at all. Unfortunately, there isn’t a formula to doing well, there isn’t a right or wrong way to get through the year. I’d be stupid to stand up here and tell you all to handwrite your summaries and use a green highlighter for keywords and have Saturdays off. Not one of you came to Scots the same as anyone else, and whilst you listen to the same teachers and have the same pasta for lunch, you’ll leave with your own unique understanding of yourself, the world and the meaning behind your English texts. Read more…