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This year our Showcase Musical was Cinderella. The community matinee on the 8th of March, with an audience close to 700, was clearly a testament to choosing a ‘family pleaser’ with obvious appeal for our younger audiences as well as elderly guests. The matinee was attended by 10 local primary and high schools and 17 senior citizens and community groups.

The matinee displays our genuine commitment to service and interest in engaging with our wider community, that we open our doors so enthusiastically to guests on this day every year.  The feedback we receive is heart-warming, with this being the highlight of many people’s annual calendar.

Audiences were also strong on the Friday and Saturday nights and it was wonderful to see so many former families and students returning, and they were not disappointed.

The show was inspired by creative work from Richard Routley as the director, breathtakingly good musical direction from Paul Tasker, superbly accomplished choreography from Justine Gilson, comprehensive stage management from Liz Heitmeyer, incredibly capable musical support from Helena Kernaghan and Alison Mitchell, and wonderful, visually stunning costumes and make-up provided by Janet Westland, Jacqui Salinger and Jane Holland.

Finally, the set and lighting, although deliberately restrained, was ingenious and effective thanks to Chris Higgins, Kylie Dorsett and Paul Hill.


Cinderella: Emily Bell
Fairy Godmother: Claire Murray
Prince Christopher: Sam McLoughlan
King Maximillian: Jespah Cropley
Queen Constantina: Ellen Ring
Lionel The Steward: Benjamin Scholz
Step Mother: Imogen Hanlon
Stepsister Grace: Kate Moyle
Stepsister Prudence: Amy Bayes-Smith
Stepsister Joy: Meg Paterson

White Mice:
Celia Cope-Williams
Sophie Hanna
Sophie Killalea
Antonina Kirdyashkina
Alice O’Reilly

Street Urchins:
Edward Laycock
Jonny Hine
Audrey Joss
Sienna Gliksman
Thais Murray
Savannah Aubrey


Aleisha Adams
Elouise Andrew-Batson
Nina Armstrong
Ellie Arnold
India Baker
Daniel Bal
Mackenzie Bird
Henry Bouffler
William Brooksby
Alaina Bruce
Dhruv Chowdhry
Jessica Cook
Olivia Cowell
Lauren Croft
Rowan Frazer
Alyce Gardiner
Jacob Harangozo
George Henderson
Samuel Herbert
Tia King
John Lawton
Phoebe McCrabb
Fergus Morrison
Theodore Myers
William Norman
Bree Poole
Sam Severin
Austin Todd
Sebastian Turner
Yvette Underhill
Amelia Unthank
Lauren Webb
Will Wladkowski
Samuel Wotherspoon
Christopher Zauner