How to Enrol

All families interested in enrolling students at Scots are encouraged to arrange for a tour of the School. This allows parents and potential students to gain a better overall impression of our School’s facilities and culture.

Parents who then wish to enrol their child or children, make individual application(s) for admission to the School, at the appropriate level and for the relevant year. The earlier the enrolment is registered, the greater the chance of acceptance.

If at the nominated time there are no vacancies available for that level, the applicant is placed on a waiting list and offered a place if and when one becomes available.

Before admission is finalised the student and parents are interviewed by the Principal or the Head of Junior School.

Enrolment enquiries should be directed to:

Enrolments Officer
P: +61 2 6022 0095

Frequently Asked Questions about Scots

Are school tours only available at certain times?

  • It is preferable that tours are conducted during school hours to see the School in “action”. However, if work commitments prevent this, alternative times can be arranged.
  • School tours are conducted by the Enrolments Officer (Mrs Robyn Smith), and include visits to the Boarding Houses for prospective boarders.
  • The tour provides a comprehensive view of the School facilities and the role that they play in supporting the academic and extra curricular programmes on offer at the School.
  • A tour of the school can be arranged by contacting the Enrolments Office: (02) 6022 0095

basketball in the Indoor Sports Centre

What are the class sizes?

  • Sizes vary from 8-28 depending on the demand for a subject (particularly electives).

Do the classes contain a blend of students from different years?

  • No.  There are no composite classes. At Scots our year classes contain only students from the one year level.

What is the average Teacher:Student Ratio?

  • The ratio is 1:13.

Does my child have to play sport?

  • Yes. We strongly encourage students to play sport for the School at an appropriate level and ability for the child.
  • To further support this, all students are allocated to a specific “House” for team sporting events held within the School.

Do you have an extra curricular sporting program?

  • Scots has an extensive extra curricular sporting program.
  • The School acts as a club in a number of local competitions including: hockey, Australian Rules football, netball, tennis, softball, cricket, touch football, badminton, and orienteering.
  • In addition, the Senior School belongs to two associations for Inter-School competitions:
    • BISSA (Border Independent Secondary Schools Association) is a local competition involving some of the independent schools in the area
    • ICCES (Independent Co Educational Country Schools) includes schools in country Victoria.
  • The Junior School is also a member of BIPSA (Border Independent Primary Schools Association).
  • Scots participates in all these associations in swimming, cross country and athletics, with an additional winter sports tour available for secondary students.

My child plays a musical instrument. Can they continue with those lessons at the School?

  • Yes. We have five studios in the Cultural Centre where visiting teachers from the Murray Conservatorium conduct lessons on a half hour basis during school hours.

What languages do you teach?

  • French and Japanese.

What are the benefits of Co-education at Scots?
The advantages of co-education are many and varied:

  • The opportunity to have all siblings at one school has enormous benefits to families in both time and cost.
  • It provides opportunities for strong family support when brothers and sisters attend the same school (whether as day or boarding students).
  • It enables the natural socialisation of boys and girls together in academic, leadership, cultural and sporting endeavours.
  • It reflects the normalisation of social relationships in a climate similar to the gender balance experienced in life.
  • Co-education is of paramount importance at Scots. Girls and boys are treated equally, with opportunities for all, and the range of sporting, music and drama activities is more vibrant from their interaction.

Is the school hat compulsory?

  • Yes. It is part of the summer School uniform and is worn both inside and outside the School grounds during Terms 1 and 4.

Is the school bag compulsory?

  • Yes. It is part of the School uniform.

Are scholarships available?

  • Yes. There are a variety of scholarships on offer at Scots each year including academic, boarding and music scholarships for students in Years 7, 9 and 11, the Middle Years Scholarship for students entering Years 5 & 6, and Isolated Student Bursaries for boarders.

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