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We are pleased to announce our 2018 regular snow day program for Senior School and Junior School students in Years 3 to 6.

We are seeking to take full advantage of our remarkable location and proximity to the ski fields and to provide a unique active outdoors experience for students with their peers and teachers.  This is strongly linked to our Life Learning and Leading DNA, particularly in relation to our experiential and outdoor education strand.  We feel that this complements students’ learning and development in many ways.

We would like as many students as possible to experience the snow and have an opportunity to ski or snowboard with their peers and teachers. We especially encourage beginners.  Our Falls Creek Day Trips are open to students of all ability levels.  No experience is necessary.

There is an opportunity for parents to participate as well! We are seeking a few Senior and Junior School parents with ski
experience (not necessarily advanced) and knowledge of the resort who can assist us to lead the groups. We have had great support in this regard in the past and we rely on parent assistance in this dynamic environment.  If you would like to come on the trip and assist please book online. We do receive some complimentary tickets from the resort so there are some no-fee places available. To expedite the process please pay in advance and a refund will be issued. Contact me directly if you are keen and have questions darmstrong@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au 

Some of the day trips are scheduled to run during the school week, allowing a richer and less crowded experience in the ski school and at the resort in general.  With this timing is the matching responsibility that rests with Senior School students to prepare for their absence by speaking with their teachers and ensuring that work is done in advance or caught up promptly.  An important expectation is that students attend school the day after the ski trip and not take a rest day. Significant medical reasons are of course acceptable, but we want to encourage and support resilience and perseverance.  Those that are absent the next day may be prevented from attending future offerings.

The Trips Details are below. Registrations and payments will be done electronically via TryBooking. 

Please note you must also approve your child’s attendance on Parent Lounge before the trip. Also, note that booking close dates and times are strict. NO late bookings are accepted as we have firm commitment times for resort bookings, ski hire and buses.

Please direct specific enquiries to me through Josh or Emily at alumni@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Yours sincerely,

David Armstrong
Deputy Principal

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