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FAQCan we visit our child?
Parents are always welcome to visit their children at the Boarding Houses. We even have a Boarder Parent Flat available for you to stay in overnight when you visit your child.

Do Boarders share a room?
In years 7-10 Boarders are situated in a partitioned style room with their own space including a single bed, study desk and wardrobe. This enables them to build new social connections, resilience and tolerance, as well as to promote diversity.

Year 11 and 12 boarders are allocated a private room, encouraging independence and personal growth, whilst allowing them  to remain in close proximity to their friends and support networks.

Do students wear uniforms or casual clothing?
Boarders are expected to wear their uniform for breakfast and the rest of the School day. Upon return to the Boarding House at 3.30 they are allowed to wear neat casual clothes for the remainder of their day or evening. Students are expected to wear the appropriate sports uniform where necessary.

Formal Dinner on Wednesdays requires our Boarders to dress up a little more.

Boys: Collar, tie, trousers and dress shoes

Girls: Non- revealing dresses, skirts, dress pants, semi-formal top and appropriate footwear.

Do the students have access to telephones and the internet?
Of course, Boarders always have access to the School’s  internet through their electronic devices and on the provided computers in the Boarding House. Students also have access to telephones where necessary. Boarders may bring their own mobile phone and its usage is subject to several rules including students in years 7-9 being required to hand them in prior to bed.

Do the students have to do chores?
Just as they would have to do so at home, boarders are expected to participate in various duties. Duties may include emptying bins, supper clean up or assisting with facilitating activities.

For example: each weekday, Year 7 & 8 students are responsible for a general clean-up of the Dining Hall following breakfast

How are the Boarding Houses structured?
There are two Boarding Houses at Scots. Wilson House is home for all our girls from years 7-12  and Sellars House is home for all our boys from years 7-12.

How can I arrange a tour of the Boarding Houses?
You can arrange a tour of one of the Boarding Houses, as well as the rest of the School grounds. Just call (02) 6022 0095. Your child is also welcome to experience Scots first hand, by attending our ‘Boarder for a Night’ program.

How many boarders are there at Scots and where do they come from?
There are over 60 boarders at Scots and they herald from all corners of Australia – from Holbrook to Ungarie to Sydney. From time to time, the Boarding House welcomes short and long term exchange students from parts of Europe and Asia.

Are the Boarding Houses closed for term holidays?
Yes the Boarding Houses close for term holidays. Students must go home or find alternative accommodation arrangements for their term holidays. The Boarding Houses are also closed over Queen’s Birthday.

What facilities are available for the Boarders to use?
Boarders can take advantage of on campus facilities, including our sports centre, multipurpose courts and swimming pool; extensive beautifully landscaped grounds; state of the art performing arts and music rehearsal facilities; library; comfortable dining facilities and fully supported computing networks.

Within the Boarding House itself, students have access to recreational rooms, kitchen facilities, TV’s and computer rooms.

What is the academic performance of Scots Boarders?
Boarding at Scots provides not only unparalleled opportunities for sporting, cultural and leisure activities, but also for academic success as well. Students are given every opportunity to thrive academically with fixed study times, extended access to learning resources (such as the library), Prep supervised by academic staff, and individual study plans supported by a teacher mentor.

In 2015 The Scots School Albury was the top regional co- educational school in NSW with outstanding HSC results, and our boarding students were among the list of top achievers:

  • James Browning (Boarding House Captain) from Jerilderie gained 89 for Business Studies and attained grades in the 80’s for all his other subjects
  • Rohanna Smith from Yarrawonga achieved scores in the 80s and 90s for all of her subjects

Again in 2016, Boarders achieved excellent results in HSC with 44% of Boarders gaining one or more Band 6.

What is the structure of study?
Students are given every opportunity to thrive academically with fixed study times, extended access to learning resources (such as the library), Prep supervised by academic staff, and individual study plans supported by a teacher mentor.

Supervised evening Prep is held every week day evening in the library and is compulsory for Years 7 – 10.  Year 11 and 12 students may attend Prep or work in their rooms.  Our academic staff who supervise Prep, foster an environment that encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning.  The academic tutors discuss issues with the boarders and assist them with problems.  In addition, group study break out areas in the library encourage collaborative learning and enable the boarders to provide both emotional and academic support to each other as peers.  

What kind of emotional support is offered?
Support is always available for students. Our boarders have access to the School Counsellor, School Psychologist, School Chaplain, Heads of House and the Head of Boarding, all on a regular basis. Additionally, our School Nurse visits both houses each morning, and will assess individual’s needs.

Who does the student’s laundry?
Laundry is done 3 times per week by laundry staff at the Boarding Houses. Students change linen and towels each week under the supervision of staff.

Who tidies their rooms?
Boarders do! Students are responsible for the upkeep of their space, including making their beds, emptying bins and ensuring their rooms are tidy at all times.

Are scholarships available?
Yes, we offer a number specific to boarding students in addition to general scholarships. To find out more please click HERE.

Are there Boarding Captains?
Each year, a male and female student are elected to represent the boarders with new ideas, provide feedback and help with communication. The leaders are elected by their boarding community, and are responsible to the Heads of Sellars and Wilson House.

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