First Round of Colours for 2017

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Colours are awarded to students in the Senior School at Scots who have displayed outstanding ability and commitment within our co-curricular program. As this program has undergone innovation, it is timely to remind everyone about how Colours are awarded.

To be eligible for Colours, there must be commitment to sustained training and preparation. Conduct must be exemplary and skills outstanding. The three levels of awards can be defined as follows:


  • Exemplary skills. World Ready. Curious. Innovative. Independent. Inspirational. Foster team spirit and enhance the experience of others. These students would be considered a valuable addition The skills of these students would be highly valued beyond Scots by other teams and organisations.


  • Excellent skills. Valuable. Committed. Self-developed. Selfless. Integral to the success of an activity.


  • Skills that exceed expected standards. Above average commitment and contribution. Tenacious. Valuable.

Staff who lead various activities submit nominations in writing to a committee, comprised of the Principal and co-curricular coordinators, who carefully consider each submission. We have just awarded our first round. Two more rounds of Colours will happen in 2017 to coincide with the end of seasons and programs.

The following students received colours in Musical Theatre in a recent assembly. 76 students were in the cast of Mary Poppins, one of our school’s very important projects for 2017. Rehearsals started in September of 2017. Congratulations to the following exceptional performers:
Emily Bell – Gold
Madeline Bonicci – Bronze
Billy Bourke – Silver
Flynn Bowker – Bronze
Andrina Dixen – Bronze (Previously awarded Musical Theatre Colours)
Elena Griffiths – Silver
Imogen Hanlon – Gold
Sophie Hanna – Bronze
Timothy Koschitzke – Bronze
Anna Maskus – Bronze
Harry Mitchell – Bronze
Caleb Murray – Gold (previously awarded Musical Theatre Colours)
Claire Murray – Silver
Archie Myers – Gold
Joe Myers – Bronze
Alice O’Reilly – Bronze
Meg Paterson – Gold
Fergus Patterson – Gold (previously awarded Musical Theatre Colours)
Ellen Ring – Silver
Michael Rofe – Silver