HSC results rocket Scots up the charts

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Class of 2015As a small regional co-educational school, Scots is really punching above its weight. This year 50% of its Year 12 cohort of 66 have achieved at least one Band 6 score (the highest subject score band in NSW). The Sydney Morning Herald has compared school performances in NSW and Scots’ Class of 2015 is placed 74th in the State – a huge achievement – given that there is no other school in our region placed in the top 100 NSW schools.

Watch a video of Principal Ms Peggy Mahy speaking of the great achievements of this HSC class, and how Scots came 74th out of all NSW schools this year.

To top off a year of exceptional results, where Chloe Patterson was recognised for her outstanding garment design in Design and Technology, and stellar results in the Performing Arts, where students Rose Byrne, Madeline Maclean and Jack Paterson were nominated for the HSC Music Encore showcase, the same being true for HSC Drama students, Lewis Stanley, Samuel Williams, Chloe Peters, Madeline Maclean and Amy Moyle with their Onstage nominations, today all Scots Year 12 students received their HSC results. In gaining their scores today, the Scots class of 2015 exceeded expectations.

School Captains Madeline Maclean and Dominic Baker have gained impressive results whilst balancing significant leadership responsibilities. A student at Scots since Year 9, Madeline has managed that delicate balance of academic success, with remarkable achievements in the co-curricular areas of music and musical theatre and involvement, all the while leading the student body with confidence and warmth. Meanwhile Dominic Baker, a keen sportsman and confident school leader, was able to put the necessary time and preparation into this HSC this year whilst achieving strong results across the board setting himself up for his pursuit of a career in business and commerce.

Boarding House Captain James Browning from Jerilderie, has taken advantage of the opportunities presented by living on campus at Scots. A student with a strong interest in sport, especially cricket, James gained 89 for Business Studies and attained consistent grades in the 80’s for all his other subjects. Another boarder from Yarrawonga, Rohanna Smith, a high performing dancer and excellent swimmer, has achieved several scores in the 80s and 90s for all her subjects.

This year’s Dux of the School, Lachlan Emerson, a recipient of the prestigious Albury Grammar Scholarship, comes from the Holbrook region. He has applied himself assiduously since joining Scots in Year 7. Lachlan studied Chemistry gaining a 94, Physics 93, Mathematics Extension 1 97, among other impressive scores. A committed musician Lachlan was in the Concert Band and School Choir and found time to take part of this year’s musical production.

James Dunn followed a unique pattern of study, excelling at all levels of English, including Extension 2, Chemistry 86, Modern History 93, History Extension 46 and Italian – through Distance Education. James has been an amazing independent learner, showing great maturity and drive throughout the year who has been involved in musical theatre, debating and chess. He is seeking to study law and has been offered attractive scholarship options.

Principal Ms Peggy Mahy said the school supported all its students to become agile, adaptive and self-managing learners and the students receiving their HSC results today were just that.

Ms Mahy said Scots was celebrating the overall performance of the 2015 group of students.

“I could not be prouder of the efforts of every student and of the staff who have helped them fulfill their dreams. This year’s students have been determined and hardworking. More importantly, they have been keen to strive for their goals and to see their teachers as partners, able to coach, support and drive them further. I am thrilled by their achievements and wish to thank their families who have had a very important role in their education.”HSC results rocket Scots up the charts

Between them the Class of 2015 studied 32 courses, ranging from extension subjects in English, Mathematics, History and Music through to Agriculture and Modern History, and vocational courses such as Hospitality and Metals & Engineering.
33 students are included on the published Board of Studies Distinguished Achievers List for students who achieve an HSC mark of at least 90/100 (Band 6) for a 2 unit course or 45/50 (E4) for a 1 unit course in one or more subjects.

17% of 2 Unit course results were greater than 90. 56% of 2 Unit course results were greater than 80. 91% of 2 Unit courses results were greater than 70. 37% of Extension course results were greater than Band E4. 100% of Extension course results were greater than Band E3.

Nine students scored 95/100 and above in one or more subjects: Rose Byrne – Music 1 (95), James Dunn – English Extension 1 (47/50) and English Extension 2 (48/50), Lachlan Emerson – Mathematics Extension 1 (97), James Jarrous – Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (96) and Business Studies (95), Paul Libreri – Business Studies (95), Kieran McKenna – Business Studies (95), Nicole Morgiewicz – Ancient History (96) and Studies of Religion (48/50), Jack Paterson – Music 1 (96), Chloe Patterson – Design & Technology (97), Samuel Williams – Drama (95) and Music Extension 1 (47/50).

The school has achieved exceptional results for Ancient History (14.6% above state average), Music (13.45% above), Design & Technology (11.45% above), Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (10.6% above), Agriculture (10.3% above) and Drama (10.22% above).