Meet our Boarders

Emily Bell – Class of 2018

“I started boarding in Year 7 when I was twelve years old. Moving from a country school to what I thought was a ‘big’ boarding school, with no parents, no friends and no pets it was definitely daunting. Being relatively close to home was a big advantage though, so the transition from home to boarding wasn’t as hard as my parents or I expected. I can remember feeling so proud of myself at the end of Year 7 – as I proved myself wrong and didn’t get homesick once!

Although I only knew a couple of boarders at the time of coming to Scots, I remember being surprised at how welcoming and friendly all the older kids were.

Being involved in co-curricular activities such as sports and choirs certainly made it easier to really feel a part of the school community, like a home away from home.

Now, in my 6th year of boarding, I know that coming to Scots helped me to find my own identity and become the best I can be. This is something I value a lot and I feel Scots boarding only enhances this.”


Bradley Luff – Year 11

“I enjoy the homely atmosphere of the Scots Boarding House, as well as the activities, diverse range of people I’ve met, resources such as sports and arts facilities, access to the city and I especially love the boarding staff support.

I am so grateful for the academic support from my Prep teachers at the Boarding House. They go above and beyond, so I can achieve my best. More importantly, they look after my mental health and sanity and make sure that school is not a stressful place.

Boarding at Scots has also allowed me to play any sport I desire, with the staff being supportive and willing to drive me to any activities.”

Amelia McCrabb – Class of 2017

“I’ve come a long way from the extremely homesick twelve year old I was in Year 7. I loved my time at Scots once the tears dried up and I was able to start enjoying school and in particular the Boarding House fully.

Going to school in Albury allowed me to do so many things that just wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t boarded. I was fortunate enough to be able to play in numerous sports teams: Basketball, Netball. AFL, Soccer and Tennis to name a few whilst still being able to travel home for pony club rallies.”

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