Our values


Scots students strive to be:

Students respond positively when things do not go as expected and adapt to changed circumstances. They have the capacity to tap into inner resources and reach out to external support.

Learners demonstrate empathy and concern for others without judging them. They understand the motivations and pressures which impact others and they have insight into their own emotions and behaviours.

Learners think and act within an ethical framework and are con dent to make decisions and be accountable.

Learners think beyond constraints and boundaries to connect ideas and envision a myriad of possibilities. They freely and fluently express ideas and thoughts through different mediums.

Learners inquire about the world and the life they live. They seek knowledge and challenges that transform learning and personal growth.

Learners develop inner resources and seek solutions to unknown problems. They are effective collaborators who build connections and value relationships.

Learners recognise their own strengths and needs and accept one another. They explore differences and diversity and contribute to healthy communities.

Learners take risks for the right reasons and put aside self-interest where necessary. They identify opportunities and innovate for transformative change.

Learners communicate confidently and fluently across a broad register of media, situations and audiences. They are active listeners and expressive speakers who exert positive influence.

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