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At Scots Senior School, we offer a holistic approach – we provide what your child needs to do well academically, and what they need to live a balanced life.

We know that a happy child is more engaged with their learning.

We help each child reach their potential, whatever their starting point is. We don’t deliver education en-mass, but tailor the curriculum for each individual.

We deliver outstanding HSC results (the Higher School Certificate) but we also provide a well-rounded education through extensive co-curricular activities. These span music, sport….. These activities teach skills that help your child both in the classroom and in life.

We track your child’s academic progress through the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), assessments, and examinations. We have extension activities for the ‘high-fliers’ and individual learning programs for those who benefit from more support.

We also track your child’s wellbeing (including how they feel about school) through their relationship with their Learning Mentor, or tutor. Your child can learn to be a leader by participating in the:

  • Year 12 student leadership group
  • Student Representative Council (Year 7-11)
  • Peer Support Program, where Year 11 students mentor Year 9 students through what is recognized as a vulnerable stage.

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We also invest heavily in our teaching staff.

Our facilities maximize students’ learning across the single campus encompassing Junior and Senior School – from the modern Indoor Sports Centre, to the Science Building, Cultural Centre and Chapel Hall.

In summary, we raise children in partnership with parents who are World Ready citizens.

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