The Colours System

Colours are awarded to students in the Senior School at Scots who have displayed outstanding ability and commitment within our co-curricular program.

To be eligible for Colours, there must be commitment to sustained training and preparation. The conduct must be exemplary and skills outstanding. The three levels of awards can be defined as follows:

GOLD – Gold recipients are exemplary in every aspect of their participation. They exhibit ‘world readiness’, as their skills are considered exceptional beyond the context of the school. They display curiosity, innovation and independence. They not only display team spirit, they foster it. They inspire and enhance the experience of those around them.

SILVER – Silver recipients are highly skilled and highly valued. They have achieved excellent standards integral to the success of their activity. Their skills are appreciated by and evident to the wider community. They display commitment, self-development, and selfless participation. They epitomise the values of the school in their conduct. They are integral to the success of their activity.

BRONZE – Bronze recipients have displayed skills or commitment that exceed expected standards of participation. They display commitment, self-development and tenacity. They have made a valued and substantial contribution to an activity. They have had a positive impact on the school community.

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