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The School has a proud history reaching back to the establishment in 1866 of Albury Grammar School, the first independent boys school in the Albury area. The School was formed in 1972 with the merger of Albury Grammar School with Woodstock Presbyterian Girls School, assuming the new identity of The Scots School Albury. In 2016 The Scots School Albury celebrated its 150th anniversary, or sesquicentenary.



Much research into the history of the school has already been undertaken by the Archive Team, however there are some ‘grey’ areas that we would be grateful for assistance in ‘fleshing out’.

We are specifically looking for ex-students and staff to provide an insight into everyday life during the years they were at the school, particularly in relation to the years that E. A. W. Logan was a Headmaster at the Grammar School and 1961, when Anna Vroland was a Headmistress at Woodstock Girls’ School.

E. A. W. Logan, Headmaster, Albury Grammar School 1931-1936

This was a trying time for the school, for the whole nation and particularly for country folk. Australia struggled to survive the Great Depression and school enrolments were down.

Logan was a progressive thinker. During his time the Old Albury Grammarians and the Parents & Friends organisations were formally established. He left the school after only five years and took up the Headmastership of Hamilton College in the Western District.

Were you a student at the Grammar School during the years that Logan was the a Headmaster? What was he like as a Headmaster? What was your experience, either as a day boy or a boarder at the school during his time as Head?

Anna Vroland, Headmistress, Woodstock Girls’ School,  1961

This was a rather tumultuous year for Woodstock.  A new Headmistress was appointed and the school was preparing to move from the old site in East Albury to the new campus in North Albury.

Were you a senior student at Woodstock during this period? We would like to hear from you about what the school was like at the time and your personal experiences during that year.

Please email any information to Honorary Archivist Noelle Oke: archives@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au. All information is regarded as confidential unless you state otherwise.


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