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COVID-19 Latest Advice

Will booster shots become mandatory for education staff under the Public Health Order? If so, when?

The requirement for school staff to be fully vaccinated remains in effect until midnight on 13 May 2022. AISNSW understands that this PHO will not be extended when it expires on 13 May 2022. It is not expected that there will be a government requirement for staff to get a booster.

What will happen after the current Education PHO expires on 13 May 2022?

AISNSW understands that the Public Health Order will not be extended when it expires on 13 May 2022. However, it remains effective until that date. Until 13 May 2022, schools are required to ensure that all staff, contractors and volunteers onsite are vaccinated.


Additional direct delivery of RAHT kits are expected in the next week or so. This supply will contain 1 multipack for every student and staff member. The RAT kits can be used for symptomatic testing or for daily testing as part of the close contact requirements.  

Positive COVID-19 cases

Students who are a household/close contact are no longer required to self-isolate provided they can comply with some NSW Health guidelines to minimise risk. If a student or staff member has had confirmed COVID-19 in the last 12 weeks they do not have to comply with the NSW Health Household and Close Contact Guidelines. Scots may ask close contacts NOT to attend overnight excursions.

Close contact attending School

If you are over 12 years of age you must wear a mask when you are in an indoor setting that is not your own home. You must conduct RAHT testing (at home) for 5 days. Staff and students MUST notify school that they are a close contact before returning to school. You are NOT a close contact if you have not been in contact with the person who tested positive to COVID-19 while they were infectious within 48 hours.


Scots will require staff and students to wear a mask if they are a close contact and we ask that students and staff wear a mask for three days after returning to school from isolation.