Boarding • Policies & Codes of Conduct


The following key policies should be reviewed by students and parents/guardians prior to commencement of each year which can be found on Parent Lounge:

  • Prevention of Bullying Policy & Procedures  
  • Discipline and Behaviour Management Policy & Procedures  
  • Child Protection Policy  
  • Health and Distribution of Medication Policy & Procedures  
  • Pastoral Care Wellbeing Policy & Procedures  
  • Parent and Students Grievance and Dispute Policy & Procedures  
  • Communication Policy
  • Uniform Policy
  • Home Learning Policy & Procedures -Senior School  
  • Learning Enhancement Policy & Procedures  
  • Student Driving Policy & Procedures  
  • Student Mobile Phone Policy & Procedures

Codes of Conduct

Student Rights & Responsibilities
As students at Scots, all boarders are bound by the Student Code of Conduct. In addition, each year boarders are required to sign a Boarding Student Behaviour Agreement and a Boarding Room Condition and Damage Agreement. All these documents can be found in Parent Lounge. 

Behaviour Contract
At the commencement of each year all Boarders sign the Boarding Code of Conduct Contract. It is expected that the Boarders will strive to adhere to the standards of behaviour expected. The staff apply a directly educational approach and work with each Boarder to repair situations where behavioural mistakes have been made. At the core of this approach is that the Boarder takes responsibility for ‘putting it right’. This means accepting the error, accepting the extent of harm done or damage caused and acknowledging this then setting about repairing the relationships harmed.

Codes of Conduct
Please note that the following Codes of Conduct apply and should be reviewed by students and parents/guardians prior to the commencement of each year:

  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Community Code of Conduct (for parents and adults)