The importance of early education

Martin, Nick






Mr Nick Martin
Head of Junior School

“Our job is not to prepare students for something. Our job is to help students prepare themselves for anything.” A. J. Juliani

Neuroplasticity is the understanding that our brain’s structure and capacity are not fixed and that experiences are able to change our brains. It confirms that the experiences that we engage our students in have a direct impact on brain capacity, and on learning.

A brain that is taught to consistently see multiple perspectives, strengthens in that capacity over time. A brain that is taught to be reflective, to see patterns, to expect change, to link the self to the outside world, to classify and sort, day after day, becomes naturally adept at these functions for life. It strengthens neural pathways, it creates habits, it develops attitudes and it shapes who the child is as a learner and as a person.

PYP is an approach to learning which optimises student outcomes by focusing students on conceptual understanding, inquiry based learning and an awareness and understanding of their own thought processes.

Coding will be introduced to all Junior School students from 2018.

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