We offer a curriculum that is progressive and sequenced with seamless transitions from one stage to the next. We have an enriching and flexible learning environment with a broad and rounded curriculum to encourage curiosity.

As an independent school, The Scots School Albury can maintain a wide and varied curriculum which inspires our students to think creatively, fully engage with each lesson and build on their academic potential. From their very first day at Scots, students forge a strong rapport with Classroom Teachers in the Junior School, and Learning Mentors as they move into the Senior School.  

Focus is placed on a sound and thorough grounding in the traditional subjects of Literacy and Numeracy. A mixture of digital platforms and traditional writing skills are utilised throughout the school to aid learning, and if a student requires a little extra help or extension, our dedicated Learning Enhancement team is on hand.

We want our teachers to really know each student in their classroom and have the time and energy to provide attention and support to each individual. We cap our class sizes at 25 right through the School, with even smaller classes in Kindergarten and lower Primary Years.