Agricultural Learning Space

We recognise the importance of agriculture in our community and strive for continued development of our agricultural programs to ensure we offer leading and contemporary education in this evolving field of science.

In 2021, we were excited to launch the first two phases of the Agricultural Learning Space which is now available for use for students across the whole school. We hope our continued investment in agricultural facilities and curriculum will spark a passion for agriculture students can take right through to HSC.

We would like to thank all of the families who contributed their expertise and feedback in the planning and development process of the project.

Development Stages

The Agricultural Learning Space is situated in the northeast corner of the campus, next to our reservoir. Following the development of stages one and two, the Agricultural Learning Space now boasts 12 market garden beds, worm farms, two large crop growing spaces, a chicken coop, a citrus grove and a multifunctional learning space in the Luff Pavillion.

As development continues, stages three - five include the addition of stockyards and livestock, a greenhouse and a wetland area developed around the existing reservoir with further plans to incorporate a communal BBQ area with a grape vine-lined pergola and outdoor kitchen to promote 'paddock to plate.'

The development goes beyond the bounds of education and is designed to bring the Scots community together. Incorporating multifunctional areas including terraced seating overlooking a livestock area, integrated water tanks and bench seating which also will act as storage and composting; the plans are designed for sustainability.