Technology and Innovation

The Co-Curricular Technology and Innovation program at Scots is designed to give students the opportunity to engage in important learning experiences through a range of programs that include robotics, coding, design, astronomy and Innovative problem-solving programs. 

Through a range of individual and group activities, students are able to build skills in Design Thinking and Computational Thinking, which are transferable skills that build resilience, tenacity and resourcefulness. These are all important skills in order to be a life-long learner and prepare for jobs that don’t yet exist and to solve many of the problems faced by the next generation. Opportunities are offered that include participation in local, regional and national competitions, both in the Junior and Senior Schools.

STEM is considered an integral part of the curriculum at Scots. Through a hands-on, experimental approach, STEM programs make learning more purposeful and connected to the world outside the classroom. A variety of STEM electives are offered, with STEM initiatives regularly incorporated into the Science, Digital Technologies and Mathematics curricula. 

Students also can join Robotics, Coding, Astronomy and STEM-based clubs, with many aspects incorporated in the Digital Technologies curriculum. Various units of work also allow students the opportunity to program drones and participate in design technologies structures and problem-solving tasks.