Whole School Learning Enhancement

Our Learning Enhancement Department supports classroom teachers to effectively differentiate instruction and curriculum for students who have needs additional to regular classroom provision within an inclusive school community. Working collaboratively to support the individual needs of students, we provide reasonable adjustments to ensure equal opportunities to allow all students to flourish.

Our Learning Enhancement team works with students, teachers, parents and other professionals (Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors and Paediatricians) to identify areas of strength, challenge and the varying learning requirements of each individual, by using multiple strategies to ensure every student receives personalised support. This includes in-class support and instruction, separate small group instruction, enrichment and extension tasks and quality differentiated learning and assessment.

Key goals of our Learning Enhancement team includes:

  • Providing support for students who are highly able and those with learning challenges
  • Accurately identifying students who require further assistance
  • Providing extension and challenge for students beyond the academic curriculum
  • Tracking student data over time and monitoring progress
  • Educating and supporting staff
  • Supporting and engaging with parents
  • Utilising allied health professionals to support our program
  • Supporting the social and emotional development of students to ensure that they are ‘learning well’
  • Collaboratively planning and reviewing Individual learning plans with students, parents, teachers, other professionals

The Learning Enhancement team takes an holistic approach to supporting students. The three domains of development and learning – physical, social-emotional, and intellectual – are all important, and are closely interrelated. Development and learning in one domain influence and are influenced by what takes place in other domains.