Our Staff

Scots' greatest asset is its staff. Our teaching staff have the expertise to innovate whilst upholding academic rigour, offering a curriculum that is progressive and sequenced with seamless transitions from one stage to the next. With an enriching and flexible learning environment, complemented by a broad and rounded curriculum that encourages curiosity, Scots Staff consistently provide opportunities that ensure children develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Our supportive and inclusive teaching and learning environment supports both our staff and students to achieve to their highest levels.


Principal:  Vicki Steer
Bachelor (Hons), MA, Grad Dip Ed Admin, English, Politics, Education, Management, University of Melbourne
Diploma of Education, Melbourne State College
Email: vsteer@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Deputy Principal & Head of Junior School: Kelly McKay
Master of Education (Educational Leadership and Administration), Deakin University
Bachelor of Arts (English and History) and Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary), Deakin University
Email: kmckay@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Senior School: Janine Haymes
Graduate Certificate of Writing and Literature, Deakin University
Graduate Diploma in Education (P-12), La Trobe University
Bachelor of Arts (Criminology), The University of Melbourne
Email: jhaymes@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Business Operations: Caroline Pooley
Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance) / Bachelor of Arts (Japanese), Swinburne University of Technology
CPA Australia
Email: cpooley@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au


Junior School Coordinator/Deputy Head of Junior Scool
Nash Clark • Email: nclark@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

PYP Coordinator/Head of Pedagogy
Megan Dickins • Email: mdickins@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Director of Preschool (Acting)
Adele Withers • Email: awithers@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Director of Boarding & Head of Girls Boarding
Elsa Kilgour • Email: ekilgour@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Sport
Tim Kennedy • Email: tkennedy@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Student Learning 
Robert Cowan • Email: rcowan@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Department • English & Modern Languages
Sarah Bowman • Email: sbowman@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Department • Technology & Applied Studies, Design & Technology
Jim Papas • Email: jpapas@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Department • Mathematics & PDHPE
Nathan Tainton • Email: ntainton@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Department • Science & Agriculture
Thomas Hartshorn • Email: thartshorn@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Department • Humanities & Commerce
Paula Gleeson • Email: pgleeson@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Department • Music & Drama
David Coughlan • Email: dcoughlan@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Stage 4 Leader (Years 7 & 8)
Melanie Davies • Email: mdavies@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Stage 5 Leader (Years 9 & 10)
Jane Mackinlay • Email: jmackinlay@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Stage 6 Leader (Years 11 & 12)
Roger Barrows • Email: rbarrows@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Leader of Inclusive Education
Trish Thomas • Email: tthomas@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Performing Arts Co-curricular
Stewart Lucy • Email: slucy@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Community Relations & Advancement Manager
Petra Barber • Email: pbarber@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au