Our Staff

Teachers produce the graduate, and Scots' greatest asset is its staff. Informed by pedagogy, we value differentiated learning environments that can exist within a scope and sequence that is considered, progressive and measured to ensure all children develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Our teaching staff have the expertise to innovate whilst upholding academic rigour, offering a curriculum that is progressive and sequenced with seamless transitions from one stage to the next. With an enriching and flexible learning environment, complemented by a broad and rounded curriculum that encourages curiosity, Scots Staff consistently provide opportunities that will enable students to be creators in, and of, their world. Our supportive and inclusive teaching and learning environment supports both our staff and students to achieve to their highest levels.


Principal:  Mr Mark Geraets
Masters in International Education, Endicott University, Boston, USA
Bachelor in Education, Otago University, New Zealand
Higher Diploma of Teaching, New Zealand, New Zealand Trained Teachers Certificate,
Dip Ed in Teaching.
Email: mgeraets@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Senior School: Ms Kelly McKay
Master of Education (Educational Leadership and Administration), Deakin, 2008
Bachelor of Arts (English and History) and Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary), Deakin.
Email: kmckay@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Junior School:  Mr Matthew Boundy
Master of Education (Leadership and Management), Melbourne – 2019
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Education (Primary), Deakin – 2001
Email: mboundy@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

School Chaplain: Reverend Beth Bear
Master of Divinity: University of Divinity – 2016
Bachelor of Arts: University of Melbourne – 2009
Minister of the Word: Uniting Church of Australia – 2015
Duty of Care Cert. Course Student Residential Care Book 1 ABSA
Email: bbear@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Student Learning: Mr Robert Cowan
Master of Science: Wyoming, USA, – 1986
Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary): Charles Sturt University – 2004
Bachelor of Science: Wyoming, USA – 1983
Email: rcowan@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Business Operations: Mrs Caroline Pooley
Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance) / Bachelor of Arts (Japanese)
Swinburne University of Technology
CPA Australia
Email: cpooley@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Learning Area Leaders

Investigating & Discover (Maths | Science | Ag. | PDHPE)
Mr Thomas Hartshorn •Email: thartshorn@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Expressing (Arts (Visual Art & Drama, Music) | DAT | TAS | VET | STEAM)
Ms Belinda Costa • Email: bcosta@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Connecting with Culture (English | LOTE | HSIE)
Mr Richard Routley • Email: rroutley@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Teacher Mentor (Whole School)
Mr Dale Zawertailo • Email: dzawertailo@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Director of Boarding
Mr Jeremy Holt • Email: jholt@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Middle Years Leader (Years 7 – 9)
Ms Selinna Forward • Email: sforward@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Senior Years Leader (Years 10 – 12)
Mr Roger Barrows • Email: rbarrows@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Leader of Inclusive Education
Ms Trish Thomas • Email: tthomas@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au

Head of Sport
Mr David Smith • Email: dsmith@scotsalbury.nsw.edu.au