The Co-Curricular Physical Learning (Sport) program at Scots is designed to give every student the opportunity to engage in important learning experiences through a range of sport, fitness and outdoor programs. Through a range of individual and team activities, students are able to build resilience, learn resourcefulness and develop a life-long affinity for healthy life choices.

The program aims to give every student the opportunity for success, the opportunity to represent Scots and the opportunity to experience activities that may become a life-long interest. Activities include participation in local, regional and national community and schools’ competitions, inter-house competitions, social sport and personal fitness programs. The program utilises the extensive sporting facilities at the school as well as accessing the facilities in the wider community.

An important component of the Physical Learning program is the development of the whole person. Some of our more challenging and popular programs involve activities in the natural environment, such as skiing, camping and hiking. Our Physical Learning program allows the students to learn about commitment, teamwork and respect as well as extending their friendship group. It gives our students the opportunity for the ethical development and encourages gracious behaviour, whether we win or lose. By playing in one of our many sporting teams, students develop an understanding and appreciation of game skills and strategies and a chance to develop leadership skills.

For further information including how to access our sports programs, please see the Sport@Scots Booklet below.