Boarding at Scots

We are steadfast in the belief that the Scots Boarding experience equips young people with the required skills and knowledge for them to become World Ready citizens.

The Scots School Albury has a proud Boarding tradition dating back more than 150 years.

Boarding at Scots provides a wonderfully caring, safe and supportive community which welcomes and embraces all students. Boarders are immersed with an aspirational peer group and an environment in which to they can develop socially, spiritually and academically, all while retaining strong ties to their community at home.

We have developed a range of flexible boarding options which reflect the varying needs of our community. These options include:

Full Time Boarding
Weekly Boarding
Casual Boarding
Extended Day School

At Scots we seek to create a positive Boarding experience for young people by:

  • Ensuring that all Boarders have a strong sense of belonging;
  • Ensuring that the interests and passions of Boarders are encouraged and catered for through a wide range of co-curricular, extra-curricular and weekend activities; and
  • Ensuring Boarders reach their full academic potential through the provision of tailored learning programs, learning support/extension programs and age-appropriate wellbeing programs.

Scots is home to around 100 Boarders who live amongst 11 hectares of beautifully manicured gardens and outdoor grounds. Our Boarders are comfortably accommodated in fully supervised Boarding Houses and have access to state of the art sporting, music and learning facilities. The Scots Boarding experience is active and fulfilling, with age-appropriate routines that are designed to help your child flourish. 

Boarding Options

We have a range of boarding options. These include: 

  • Full Time Boarding
  • Weekly Boarding
  • Casual Boarding
  • Extended Day School

Full Time Boarding

Your child will be well cared for at Scots.  Full Time Boarders live in the Boarding House for the duration of each school term and enjoy participating in co-curricular activities before and after school and on weekends. They go home for holidays, on scheduled exeats or by arrangement. For example, to attend birthday parties, sporting competitions or to visit friends and family. Full Time Boarders participate in regular weekend activities which we organise based on what the students would like to do. These include bike rides, visits to Lake Hume and local sporting events, films, sailing, excursions, as well as trips to Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra for cultural or sporting events. 

Weekly Boarding

Weekly Boarders reside in the Boarding House from Sunday night (or Monday morning) to Friday afternoon. This combines the best of both worlds – that of a supportive boarding experience with quality time with family and friends on the weekend. This means that the majority of study and school activities take place at supervised sessions throughout the week, leaving them free to spend time with their families or maintain their part time job or sporting commitments at the weekend. Weekly boarding students have the option to stay in the boarding house on weekends (casual fee applies) when required.

Casual Boarding

Casual Boarding provides a convenient solution to those parents who are juggling busy lives. If you need to travel out of town or need help to balance involvement in school activities – casual boarding can help you. As a parent, you can have peace of mind knowing your child is being cared for in a safe, supportive and familiar environment with great food and support with homework from academic staff during prep. Casual Boarding also provides our Day Students with a terrific opportunity to enjoy the company of their boarder friends and participate in the full boarding life. Please note that due to current boarding demand, casual boarding is very limited.

Extended Day School

Extended Day School is an opportunity for day students to join the boarding community on a regular or ad hoc basis and still go home at night. It might suit families where parents work late or the student has a sporting or other co-curricular commitment. Extended Day School students go to the boarding house after school and have afternoon tea. They then attend their designated activity (ie. basketball training), study in the library or remain in the boarding precinct before attending dinner with the boarders and then prep in the Library. Extended Day School students have access to the Teachers on boarding duty to assist with their study. Pick-up time for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 is 8.15pm. Pick-up time for Years 10, 11 and 12 is 9.00pm.