Senior School Curriculum

Scots aims for a whole school approach where high quality teaching, within the framework of a rigorous curriculum, challenges every student to fulfil their potential and prepares them effectively for life beyond school. Our academic staff are experts in their chosen fields, dedicated to their students and committed to getting the very best from each of them. Developing self-motivation is as important as academic results. With our broad curriculum and inspiring teaching, we encourage the students to challenge themselves and to work diligently to achieve their goals.

In Year 7 and 8, we believe in ensuring a smooth and effective academic and social transition from Primary to Secondary School. Structured on the NSW curriculum, our teaching and learning prioritises the consolidation of core skills in literacy and numeracy, developing new routines and experiencing specialist subjects that will inspire and introduce new experiences and ways of thinking in a new context.

Key skills and strengths are identified, and we challenge and support students to explore areas and subjects of interest. Each student is allocated a Learning Mentor and their daily meetings cover academic progress as well as general support and advice. There is regular and continuous reporting on academic progress and students and families receive grades for effort and attainment throughout the term. 

Students study a range of traditional core studies, including English, Mathematics, History and Geography, Science, Physical Education. Students also experience language study in Japanese and French and a range of specialist subjects including Studio Art & Design, Performing Arts, Technologies Music, Food Technology and Service Learning. 

Every day, students will experience several different approaches to inspire a love of learning, to encourage curiosity and to develop critical thinking. This may include whole class teaching, group work and independent research. We believe the heart of great teaching lies in having dedicated teachers who are experts in their subjects. Armed with the requisite knowledge, our students develop the skills to think intelligently and solve complex problems.

From Year 9, students have the choice and opportunity to study a range of core disciplines and a small selection of elective subjects as they start to focus on their studies in greater depth. We actively encourage diversity in subject choice and ensure that students extend and develop their learning beyond the classroom. Subject Selection for the NSW HSC is down in consultation with our Senior Staff to ensure each student is equipped with the knowledge and capacity to achieve success in their final years of school.

For Curriculum Booklets and more detailed information on our subject offerings, please contact the Enrolments Team.

The Senior School Curriculum not only embeds a love of learning that will last a lifetime but also supports students’ aspirations for University and beyond.