Service Learning

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

— Martin Luther King Jr

Service Learning at Scots encourages, facilitates and celebrates student involvement in community service initiatives. Strengthening the link between service in the community and learning in the classroom builds capacity in students, helping them become ethical, inclusive and compassionate global citizens.

Scots students can become involved with Service Learning locally, nationally and internationally. As well as team-based projects, Scots also encourages individual students’ initiatives. Events are often run by student leaders and reflect the variety of ethical interests within the student body. We support a range of local and national charitable organisations and have forged global links with schools in Japan and Europe. We celebrate and acknowledge the work of our students, while understanding that their contribution is a selfless one that is a reward in itself.

Within our Service Learning program, students can expect to witness the Scots values in action. They will participate in projects that involve them in a range of real life experiences, they will strengthen connections with their classroom learning and they will develop leadership skills that will enable them to contribute far beyond their time in the Scots blazer.

Our Regional environment raises students’ awareness of real-life issues locally, nationally and internationally and enables them to consider their own capacity to be proactive participants in society. Our students are involved in all aspects of our Service Learning, helping to foster and nurture an instinctive spirit of compassion, gratitude and generosity.

Student Leadership

Each student has the opportunity to positively contribute to the School community through student leadership.

The School's leadership model encompasses the following values and practices: 

  • good citizenship
  • effective teamwork
  • personal relations
  • personal responsibility
  • shared vision

A formal leadership curriculum is complemented by a series of developmental leadership workshops. Both day and boarding students are provided with opportunities to consider their leadership style and to perform leadership roles across academic, student wellbeing and co-curricular pursuits.