The role of The Board

Geoff Wright






Mr Geoff Wright

The Board is responsible for the governance and overall strategic direction of the School. Board Members are recruited on a skills based need and are drawn from the School community and beyond. Board members generously volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise to ensure our School continues its
long-standing tradition of a world class education. The Board meets on a monthly basis and works closely with the Principal and the Business Operations Manager.

The Principal is appointed by and reports to the Board. The Board delegates day-to-day management of the School to the Principal. She is responsible for all operational decisions related to the daily management of the School, its staff and students.

The Board’s range of responsibilities is broad and includes the appointment of the Principal, development of the School’s strategic objectives and initiatives and oversight of property and finance.

The Board is concerned with the long-term success and viability of the School and as such ensures and monitors that the School is performing well, is solvent and is complying with its legal, financial and ethical obligations.

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