Academic and Wellbeing Programs

Academic Support in Boarding

One of the strengths of Scots is its academic results.  In 2015 Scots was both the first country school in NSW and in the top 50Wellbeing co-educational schools in Australia.  As a part of this, our boarders contributed strongly.  

As Scots is non-selective, we work with each of our students to enable them to reach their own academic potential.  Each boarder is well known, their academic potential understood and appropriate goals are set and communicated with parents via our online continuous reporting portal.

Our boarding environment provides substantial academic learning benefits. These include fixed study times, extended access to learning resources (such as the library), Prep supervised by academic staff and individual study plans supported by a teacher mentor – all in a culture of mutual support and encouragement.

Supervised evening Prep is held every week day evening in the library and is compulsory for Years 7 – 10.  Year 11 and 12 students may attend Prep or work in their rooms. Our academic staff who supervise Prep, foster an environment that encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning.  The academic tutors discuss issues with the boarders and assist them with problems.  In addition, group study break out areas in the library encourage collaborative learning and enable the boarders to provide both emotional and academic support to each other as peers.  

Wellbeing in Boarding

Both the School and the Boarding Houses promote intellectual, social, emotional and moral growth, with a keen focus on preparing boarders to be world ready.  Scots is embracing the principles of positive psychology to enhance student self-esteem, personal development, and learning.  Staff actively work with boarders to develop their empathy, compassion, and resilience.  They support all boarders to optimise their sense of wellbeing.  Our Boarders continue to develop skills and behaviours that allow them to flourish.

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