An Average Day

From rising time until lights out, the life of a Boarder is an active and fulfilling one, with age-appropriate routines designed to help them flourish academically, physically, socially and spiritually.


A Scots Boarder’s day usually starts at 7.15am, when they are woken up by their supervisor. (Senior boarders have until 7.25am) Each student can shower, dress, clean their rooms and take their washing to the laundry before the 7.50am inspection by the carer or senior students. They also have the opportunity to participate in a group activity such as running, walking or bike riding – but only if they are up a bit earlier!

Students head down to the dining hall for breakfast from 8.10am-8.25am, before completing any extra cleaning duties they might have. Year 7-11’s then head to their lockers to get ready for the school day beginning at 8.45am, whilst year 12’s can walk back up to their rooms to prepare for classes.

School Time
8.45am – 3.20pm

Boarders go to the Dining Room for lunch and recess. After eating together, they can join the day students in the school grounds or attend lunchtime activities.

End Of School

At the end of the school day, students return to the boarding house where they are greeted by their supervisor, before sharing some afternoon tea. Boarders can then head off for music, sporting or any other extra curricular activities, or choose to stay and enjoy some free time. Street leave is also available for all students from year 7- 11 once a week, while year 12s have more freedom. They must have their leave approved by their parents, as well as the boarding house supervisors, and return by 5.30pm along with the rest of the boarders.


Dinner is at 6.00pm (except for Formal Dinner or Reflection Time/ Chapel on Wednesdays when it starts at 5.45pm), and students are seated at allocated tables in the Dining Hall.


Prep is a quiet and focused time from 6.50 onwards for boarders to complete any of their homework, study or assignments. Years 7 – 10 complete their Prep in allocated areas, whilst years 11 and 12 do so in their rooms. Boarders are allowed to use their devices for study and are always able to seek guidance on content, study techniques and revision from prep tutors who are teachers from the day school. Tutors are available every day of the school week. Group work is also allowed and encouraged, and a popular option during the revision period. Years 7 and 8 finish prep at 8.00pm, Year 9 at 8.15pm, Year 10 at 8.30pm and Year 11 and 12 at 9.00pm.

9.00pm – 11.00pm

Once Boarders have finished Prep, they have some time to enjoy supper with their friends before preparing for bed. Year 7 and 8’s are in bed at 9.00pm and have until 9.15pm to wind down before lights out. Year 9 light out at 9.30pm, Year 10 at 10.00pm, Year 11 at 10.30pm, and finally Year 12 at 11.00pm.


The weekends at the Scots Boarding House are a great opportunity for students to participate in sport and extra curricular activities, to socialise, catch up on school work and bond as a community.

Boarders can have a sleep in as long as they’re up for breakfast between 8.00am and 10.00am. Street leave is an option for all students from 9.30am to 12.00pm and from 2.00 to 5.00, and lunch is on from 12.00 to 1.00pm. The afternoons are fairly relaxed if Scots Boarders aren’t in a sporting team, and activities and excursions are often run by the Heads of Boarding, and the Boarding Captains. Dinner is at the usual time of 6.00pm, which is usually followed by a DVD or group activities on a Saturday.

Students must take responsibility for their own learning over the weekends and must find time to do any school work they will have. Sunday evenings involve quiet relaxation, organising for the week and completing any homework. All boarders are off to bed a bit earlier than usual to prepare them for another busy week ahead!

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