Boarding Facilities

Scots boarders are comfortably accommodated in the fully supervised Boarding Houses, offering a safe and caring environment. The sense of community in our Boarding Houses underpins the supportive environment and cohesion between boarders, carers, and parents.


Wilson House is home for our all our year 7 to 12 girls while our boys all reside in Sellars House.Girls accomodation

While the girls and boys Boarding Houses are separate, boys and girls share dining facilities, a common courtyard, and recreation areas.  There are recreational rooms in each house, providing comfortable areas for conversation, listening to music or reading. The pool table in Sellars House is well used and the students often gather around the pizza oven for casual meals at the weekend.

Accommodation in each of the Boarding Houses is a transition from a partition-style room for junior boarders to single rooms for senior students.   Our juniors enjoy the company and support of their peers close by but also value their private space.  Their area in each house consists of a single bed, study desk and wardrobe, separated from their neighbour by a fixed partition which enables them to build new social connections, resilience, and tolerance, as well as to promote diversity.

The senior year 11 and 12 boarders are allocated a private room, within a dedicated area of each house.  This encourages independence and personal growth, whilst allowing the senior boarders to remain in close proximity to their friends and support networks.

All our boarders are encouraged to make their space ‘their own’, by decorating item with personal items that mean something to them.

Campus FacilitiesSwimmng

Boarders take full advantage of our on-campus facilities which include our:

  • Indoor Sports Centre
  • Multipurpose courts
  • Swimming pool
  • Extensive beautifully landscaped grounds
  • State-of-the-art performing arts and music rehearsal facilities
  • Comfortable dining facilities
  • Libraries with break out areas and
  • Fully supported computing network.

Boarder Parent Flat

We are proud to offer our Boarder Parent Flat which provides families a place to stay when they are visiting their children at theParent Flat Boarding House.

It sleeps up to four guests and includes a kitchenette, private bathroom, television and Wi-Fi access. The Flat is subject to availability and as long as you book early it is a great alternative to having to pay for accommodation when visiting your child.

To enquire about booking the Boarding Parent Flat please contact our Enrolments Officer, Robyn Smith, on (02) 6022 0095 or email:

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