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Our dedicated boarding team of 20 staff – 12 women and 8 men, with qualifications in areas such as teaching, nursing and counselling is ensuring a high level of individual care for every student. Many of the boarding staff live close-by, creating a close-knit community and all the boarding staff work together to provide a secure and friendly environment for the boarders.

Mr Neale Poole
Director of Boarding • Head of Sellars House (Boys)

After 11 years as a Wellbeing leader, as well as Mathematics and Physical Education teacher at Scots, Neale has taken on the role as Director of Boarding for the first time in 2019.

Neale is a born and bred country boy, coming from a farming background in North-Western Victoria. He commenced his teaching career at Euroa Secondary College in 1989, where he discovered his passion for working in pastoral roles with young people. This has led to many years of stage and year level co-ordination, ranging from Year 7 to 12.

A desire to develop all aspects of a young person fits perfectly with the aims of a boarding leader and hence the move into this role in 2019.

Neale is also a keen sportsman, although more accurately a coach and spectator these days. Aussie Rules football and cricket are his particular interests and he is proud to have coached the Scots First 18 to a NSW State Championship in 2012.

“Scots is a wonderful environment for young people to learn and grow in and to maximise their potential. It has a ‘have a go’ culture and provides a huge range of diverse activities which constantly challenges the students. This is supported by amazing staff and facilities.

The Scots boarding houses are an even more special micro-community within our school. The academic and pastoral support is second to none and there is immense pride in being a Scots boarder. It is a pleasure to work with these energetic, positive, friendly students every day”

Mrs Elsa Kilgour
Head of Wilson House (Girls) and School Nurse

Elsa joined Scots at the start of Term 3, 2017. She has been nursing for 13 years and has extensive experience in areas including Intensive care, Midwifery, Remote Area Nursing, and as a Flight Nurse for Care Flight International. Prior to returning to Albury with her hubs and and three children, Elsa spent 9 years working in the Northern Territory in both urban and remote settings gaining a wealth of knowledge in public health, mental health and working with adolescents.

Elsa grew up on a large cattle feedlot just out of Griffith in NSW and spent her holidays working on the farm. Elsa is an ex Scots student and spent 6 years living in Wilson House with her twin sister and their older brother was over in Sellars house. After finishing at Scots she studied her nursing degree here at CSU in Albury.

She is very happy to be back working in her “second home” and enjoys getting to know the students and their families.

“Scots boarding is an experience like no other, the friendships that are formed here are life long and the opportunities that are available to students are huge, including sport, academic and wellbeing, to name a few.

Scots boarding is a home away from home and we are working to make it as welcoming as possible for our students who are living away from their families. I certainly appreciate the challenges that come with boarding.

The boarding staff are professional, approachable and highly skilled and are very passionate about the health and happiness of our students.”

Other Boarding Staff

In support of each Head of House, there is a dedicated team of MODs (Mistress / Master on Duty), GAP Students, Academic Support Staff and cleaning staff who all assist with the specific needs of each boarder.

The MOD’s share supervision duties each day. Their duties include waking the boarders, getting them off to breakfast and ensuring they are ready for school. Each evening they supervise recreation and Prep time and are available for help, assistance and guidance. Our MOD’s are also responsible for many of the day-to-day tasks. They arrange and supervise games, activities and excursions after hours and on weekends, drive boarders to and from after school commitments if they cannot obtain transport and assist in other areas where needed, acting in the place of a parent.

Our Prep Tutors are our academic staff. They work with our boarders to promote academic progress, check the performance of boarders by looking at homework, discussing work matters and assisting with problems. Specialist tutors in all subject areas are available throughout the week to help the students with their homework.

Our School Nurse visits both houses each morning and will assess individual boarder’s needs, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or social. She liaises with other support staff to ensure the boarder’s needs are met. She also overseas any medical, dental and physiotherapy appointments for the boarders.

Our boarders also have access to our School Counsellor, School Psychologist, School Chaplain, Heads of House and the Head of Boarding, all on a regular basis with a focus on the boarders’ happiness, health and wellbeing. The staff team environment in boarding ensures that your child’s needs are always at the forefront of the boarding staffs’ minds.


Sam McDonald
Learning Assistant
Beth Bear
MOD Wilson House
Robyne Fulton
MOD Sellars House
Brigitte Bailey
MOD Wilson House
Kristen Zumbo
MOD Wilson House
Sue Mitchell
MOD Wilson House
Scott Nicolson
MOD Sellars House
Daisie Thomas
MOD Wilson House
Tom Mewett
MOD Sellars House
Alison Mitchell
MOD Wilson House
Kevin Turner
MOD Sellars House

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