Leave Passes

Parent approval is required in advance for one off-weekend leave, on-going sport or work leave or one-off social visits.  This is given via our on-line leave portal.   Boarders must sign out and in at the Boarding House when they depart for and return from all leave, be it for the weekend or an hour in town.  The Boarding House staff must know travel arrangements and if necessary transport will be arranged.

Weekend leave

Weekend leave is available any weekend of the term except for the first of Term 1, provided that all commitments (sport, music, etc.) are met.  Queen’s Birthday weekend is an exeat weekend when all boarders are required to travel home.

Sport Leave and Part- Time Work

Boarders are encouraged and supported to pursue sporting commitments and attend part-time work commitments.

Street Leave

Students from year 7 to 11 are allowed to take weekday leave to Dean Street when they do not have any other commitments and provided they do so in groups of at least three and return by 5pm.  

Year 12 Students are given greater freedoms with leave. They must sign out and in and are asked to keep staff informed of their arrangements; however, leave for all students is granted at the discretion of staff.

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