Our Catering staff prepare nutritionally balanced and delicious meals each day for every individual, no matter their dietary Mealsrequirement. All boarders must attend all meals fostering community spirit.

The range of food available for boarders includes:

  • a wide variety of attractively presented cereals and bread, fresh fruit and vegetables
  • the availability of fresh fruit at all meal times, and at the Boarding Office, with limited availability of sugar based fruit juices
  • food prepared with the minimal addition of salts and the use of herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of food
  • menus with generous amounts of haemoglobin and iron – beef, lamb, fish, chicken, etc.
  • menus with calcium rich dairy products – milk, cheese, yoghurts and milk based desserts
  • chilled water being available at all meals
  • limited menu selection of high fat, fried and pastry based foods
  • healthy food options always available when take away style treat food is offered
  • cholesterol free canola oils used in all cooking.

There is fortnightly Wednesday Formal Dinner, followed by Reflection Time/Chapel and several ‘theme’ nights are held each semester.

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