Welcome to Senior School

It is my privilege to welcome you into the Senior School at The Scots School Albury. As Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School, I have the pleasure of watching our students tentatively enter in Year 7 and depart in Year 12 ready to launch themselves into the world. This transition is possible due to our holistic approach to learning and engagement. At Scots we focus on what is best for our students and their futures and how we as a school can provide tailored stepping stones to their desired destination. When our students leave they may be taking their place at university, leaping into the workforce or starting a technical career that they are passionate about.

We place our students at the centre of their learning, in the classroom and beyond. Scots students thrive in an environment full of opportunities including Service Learning, Physical Learning (Sports) and the Arts. These extra learning areas help students advance within themselves but also help others around them, including our local community and overseas communities, through participation, donation of time and money and teamwork. We are proud of our sequenced and challenging Outdoor Education program, which is central to all students journey through Senior School.

We are committed to creating a culture of lifelong learning, teaching our students to take the lead with their own lives and within their community and to grasp all opportunities and challenges that life and the School has to offer them.

Mr David Armstrong
Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School

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