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Scots supports the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enhance the educational experience of our students. When developing computing facilities within the school, we focus on its educational value to students.

Technology for Students
The Junior School has computer labs available for student use and each student has their own iPad Mini. Years K-3 use their school-supplied iPads within the classroom areas, while Years 4-6 students participate in our ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) approach and are able to take their iPads home with them. A wireless network operates throughout the school with a fast broadband connection supported with Netbox Blue Filtering Gateway to provide a safe and secure network. See our BYOD policy and Frequently Asked Questions.

Students have been provided with a core set of apps on the iPad with access to Microsoft Office Suite and the Adobe Creative Suite in the computer labs.

Multimedia Facilities
Year K to 6 classrooms have access to data projectors and interactive whiteboards, as well as a full theatre projection system in the Chapel Hall for assemblies and Chapel services.

Internet and email
Internet is available throughout the school network but only for school-related purposes. Year 4-6 students have their own school-based email address that can be used for sending work files to and from school. This means they can log on to their school email at school, home and elsewhere. Use of external mail services such as Hotmail, Yahoo-mail and Gmail is restricted. Students and their families receive and sign a Digital Citizenship and Acceptable Use Agreement (Junior School) outlining permissible use of both these facilities. This agreement outlines how students can access their school email from home. Without a signed agreement the school is unable to supply an iPad and internet/email facilities to a student.

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