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Learning an instrument
As part of the curriculum:
• Years 1-4 learn the Violin, Pipe Band chanter (Year 1) and drums (Year 3), and perform a recital at the end of each semester
• Years 5 & 6 are in the Orchestral Band and choose an instrument from the wide range available.
Students learn to play an instrument through an active, cooperative process.
They feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement by being involved in live performances at the school through the Junior School orchestra, The Naturals.

Children love singing in the Junior School choirs:
• (Years K-2) The Infants Choir
• The Junior Choir (Years 3-6, Semester 1)
• Boys Only Singing – BOS (Years 3-6, Semester 2)
• Girls Only Singing Superbly In Pitch – GOSSIP (Years 3-6, Semester 2)
These choirs perform at the Albury-Wodonga Eisteddfod, the Scots Musical Festival and at other official school events such as Speech Night.

Co-curricular program
Scots has a greater range of co-curricular activities that any other school in the region. Students can join the extensive co-curricular musical program, with rehearsals at lunch time or before school:
• Instrumental: String Ensemble (Years 5 & 6), Junior Strings (Years 1 – 4)
• Singing: Junior Choir (Years 3 – 6) – non-auditioned, Cantabile (Years 5 – 9) – an auditioned choir that includes Senior School students.
• Pipe Band: with members from both Junior and Senior School, the Pipe Band holds a special place in the musical life of the school, performing at school and community events. Junior students learn the techniques of the chanter, side drum and tenor drum, and may go on to become part of the renowned and traditional Senior School Pipe Band.


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Infants Production
At our annual Infants Production, our audience is always astounded as to how such young children can produce such a splendid performance. The answer is opportunity, preparation and expectation. As long as a sense of reality underpins the planning of such a show, our Year K-2 students consistently prove that they are more than capable of rising to the challenge – to the enjoyment and entertainment of all!

Year 3-4 Entertainment
In Years 3 & 4, our students have the opportunity to perform in a variety show that showcases both individual talents and group endeavours. There are instrumental performances, choral pieces, dance routines and some short theatrical presentations.

Year 5-6 Production
The Year 5-6 Production demonstrates the remarkable development of the students by the time they reach the senior years of their junior schooling. This production demands a greater level of commitment from the children, and it is an undertaking they tackle with gusto, enthusiastically memorising lines, songs and dances, along with entrances and exits, props and stagecraft. The final result never fails to dazzle audiences with the outstanding performances of the students and polished production values. However its most memorable feature is the pure enjoyment on the faces of the young performers as they take their turn under the stage lights.

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