In the Junior School we support each child’s wellbeing so they are happy and allow others to be happy.Wellbeing 1

We proactively respond to different behaviours including when a child is disruptive, or when bullying or other challenging behaviour occurs.

We approach behavior in a restorative way: our goal is to nurture relationships and to repair them if conflict arises. This involves children sitting down and talking with each other, and with an adult, to understand another’s viewpoint. Learning to resolve problems helps children grow and develop.

We teach children to understand how to negotiate, to respect others (who are different to them), and to compromise. We teach children that people have the right to make their own choices – including that some days children like to play with different children.

Children are always guided and supported by their homeroom teacher, the teacher on duty, and the Head of the Junior School. Older students buddy with younger students in the Junior School to provide friendship and support.

Our students are fortunate to be exposed to a range of technology. We are committed to ensuring that our students engage with technology in a safe environment, but that we also provide them with the knowledge and skills to stay safe when they are online.

Community Service is an important part of our ethos.  Year 4 students make up the Community Service Committee to fundraise for charities, community groups and local organisations.


“We offer a real sense of community and belonging. Children feel connected and are considerate of others. At Scots, children do very well academically – each child can find what they’re good at – their niche. Each child has a go – they all do music, and they all do sport. You can be yourself at Scots, and be accepted for who you are. You can explore and develop your skills, even if they were previously hidden. Every year you perform on stage, so you build your identity, you build who you are, and you build your self-confidence.” Mr Nick Martin, Head of Junior School.

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