Each student is special and we aim to develop their full potential within a caring environment where Scots School May websitestudents love to learn, enjoy challenges and contribute to the wider community. The partnership between staff, parents and the student encourages each student to grow intellectually, spiritually, morally, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively. Our holistic approach to education equips students to meet the challenges of change and grasp the opportunities it presents.

The PYP is an approach that focuses on the whole child. Through the learner profile and attitudes, we explicitly teach values and skills that support positive self-esteem and wellbeing. We follow a restorative philosophy where we promote a safe and supportive environment as the foundation of positive school culture. We teach social and self-management skills to support each child towards independence.

In 2017 we introduced a partnership with The Resilience Project. The focus of this project is to build resilience in our students through a focus on empathy, gratitude and mindfulness. For more information on The Resilience Project, please access their website.

Wellbeing Team

In the Junior School, the classroom teacher is the primary carer for each child. In addition, we have a team of staff members who provide support for the classroom teachers; including, a Learning Enhancement teacher and teacher assistants, a School Counsellor, a Psychologist and a Chaplain. This team work proactively to support the individual needs of each child within our school.

Prevention of Bullying

In order to build a positive and respectful community where learning will flourish, every person must feel safe and secure. This means that people are treated with dignity and that bullying, in whatever form, is unacceptable. It is expected that all members of the school – staff, students and parents – will work together to ensure that bullying behaviour is understood and managed in a positive manner.

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