School App

The Scots School Albury App is now live and can be accessed by downloading from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Please find a User Guide below to help with this process.  

The App has the ability to:

  • Hold all Notices and Forms relating to all aspects of events and activities at school: academic, excursions, sporting commitments, special events and more. 
  • Add events from the EduApp Calendar to your personal calendar to ensure times, locations and relevant staff contacts are available at any time. 
  • Subscribe to certain Year Level/Sub School information to streamline the type of content you would like to see in the App. •View and configure what type of notifications you wish to receive. 

  • Record Student Absentee through a simple form which is immediately sent to Reception. •Access the Newsletter editions, Facebook Page and relevant School Links  

STEP 1: SEARCH and DOWNLOAD The Scots School Albury the Apple App Store or Google Play.

STEP 2: STAY CONNECTED: you will now receive the latest updates and information from the school.

STEP 3: TAKE THE TOUR and explore the features of your new app by tapping the tiles on the dashboard.

STEP 4: MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS to ensure that you receive only the information that is  relevant to you, by clicking on Year Levels and Co-Curricular Tags that relate to you and your child. 

STEP 5: MANAGE your notifications and alerts by switching them on or off