Staff Information

Executive Team
Mr Mark Hemphill
Deputy Principal & Head of Junior School
Miss Kelly McKay
Head of Senior School
Ms Janine Haymes
Head of Business Operations
Ms Caroline Pooley
Leadership Team
Deputy Head of Junior School and Primary Years Programme Coordinator
Mrs Megan Dickins
Director of Preschool
Ms Adele Withers
Director of Boarding
Mrs Elsa Kilgour
Community Relations & Advancement Manager
Mrs Petra Barber
Finance Manager
Mr Glenn Withers
Director of Teaching and Learning
Ms Kym Armstrong
Head of Sport
Mr Tim Kennedy
Coordinator of Operations and Academic Administration
Mr Rob Cowan
Leader of Inclusive Education
Ms Mary Laughton
Stage 4 Leader (Years 7 & 8)
Ms Melanie Davies
Stage 5 Leader (Years 9 & 10)
Ms Jane Mackinlay
Stage 6 Leader (Years 11 & 12)
Mr Matthew Patching
Learning Area Leader • English & LOTE
Ms Sarah Bowman
Learning Area Leader • Technology & Applied Studies, Design & Technology
Mr Jim Papas
Learning Area Leader • Mathematics & PDHPE
Mr Nathan Tainton
Learning Area Leader • Science & Agriculture
Mr Thomas Hartshorn
Learning Area Leader • Humanities
Ms Paula Gleeson
Learning Area Leader • Music & Drama
Mr David Coughlan
Head of Performing Arts • Co-curricular
Mr Chris Torok
Student Support
School Counsellor
Ms Jessie O'Donnell
Head of Girls Boarding • Wilson House
Ms Rachel Rapsey
Head of Boys Boarding • Sellars House
Mr Tom Mewett
School Nurse
Mrs Elsa Kilgour
Ms Rebecca Artis
Junior School Classroom Teachers
Mrs Shelley Byrt
Mrs Stacey Cooper
Year 1
Mrs Melissah Cahill
Mrs Megan Dickins
Ms Kate Macneil
Year 2
Mrs Erin Newton
Miss Katie Smith
Year 3
Mrs Amanda Laycock
Mrs Lara Obbink
Year 4
Mr Jason Carr
Ms Maddy McLean
Year 5
Ms Jacqui Turner
Ms Jenni Zielinski
Year 6
Miss Kate Herbert
Mrs Emma Carter
Mrs Meaghan Ward
Senior School Learning Mentors
Year 7
Roger Barrows
Andrew McLaurin
Caoimhe McMillan
Peter Schneider
Year 8
Stephanie Clancy
Stacey Hartwich
Stephanie McNamara
Chris Mitchell
Kylie Robertson
Year 9
Jacob Hanna
Amber Pope
Nathan Tainton
Shonetell Toohey
Year 10
Douglas Agar
Paula Gleeson
Simon Goss
Thomas Hartshorn
Year 11
Sarah Bowman
Tamara Neilson
Dee Sparkes
Kari Tainton
Chris Torok
Year 12
Luke Cameron
David Coughlan
Tim Kennedy
Jade Workman