Boarding • Meals

Our Catering staff prepares nutritionally balanced and delicious meals each day. Should your child have any special dietary requirements please ensure that these are advised to the Heads of Boarding Houses.

The meal service is a multi-choice, buffet style where menu items offer a wide variety of Core Group foods that are prepared and cooked in a way to retain maximum nutrient value. Boarders enjoy the opportunity to serve themselves from the food offered rather than to have food plated for them, allowing for freedom of choice, and encouraging responsible healthy choice and eating.

The range of food available for boarders includes:

  • a wide variety of cereals and breads, fresh fruit, and vegetables.  
  • the availability of fresh fruit at all meal times and in each boarding house and limited availability of sugar-based fruit juices and fruit juice drinks.  
  • food prepared with minimal addition of salts with the use of herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of food.  
  • menus that include generous amounts of haemoglobin and iron - beef, lamb, fish, chicken et al.  
  • menus that include calcium rich dairy products - milk, cheese, and yoghurts.  
  • chilled water available at all meals.
  • limited menu selection of high fat and fried foods and pastry-based foods and limits on the availability of second helpings of these foods.  
  • healthy food options always available when take away style 'treat' food is offered.  
  • cholesterol free canola oil is used in cooking when oil is required.  

All boarders must attend all meals. Wednesday dinners are earlier and include the deliberate mixing of year levels to promote a sense of community. These dinners also include formal and themed dinners.

Sample menu