Boarding • Medical

The School Nurse visits each house each weekday morning from 7.50am. For any confidential or complex issues Boarder's will be asked to return to the Health Centre at a time convenient for both student and Nurse.

Boarders may nominate their own Medical Practitioner but are advised that appointments may be difficult to arrange at short notice. The Scots School Albury has developed a relationship with a local GP clinic; medical appointments can usually be arranged here by the School Nurse on the day required. Boarders must have a current Medicare Card.  

Parents will be notified in all instances where an appointment with a Medical Practitioner or other Health Professional is deemed necessary. Verbal consent from parents will be obtained and documented in the student’s medical notes. The outcome of these appointments will also be discussed with parents.

Students who require a rest/sick day in the Boarding House will be monitored by the School Nurse who will arrange medication, meals and liaise with parents, MOD’s, and stage coordinators.

The School Nurse will be available between 8.00am-4.00pm Monday - Thursday and 8.00am-3.30pm Fridays.  

The School Nurse is available to meet with new parents at the beginning of each term in the Health Clinic to confirm the special needs and medical history of their children. Parents are asked to complete the medical information and forms and permission notes available via Parent Lounge prior to their child’s beginning attendance or upon their child’s medical situation changing.

Administration of Non-Prescription Medications  

Signed parental consent is required for non-prescription medication at the beginning of each year, this is completed via Parent Lounge. Please refer to the medications section of the Border Medical Information Sheet for a list of medications available. These may be administered by the School Nurse and Boarding House staff.  

Boarders are not to self-administer any medications in the Boarding House. This enables us to be aware of what your child is taking, whilst limiting their exposure to substantial amounts of pharmaceuticals. A concise record is kept in each house of medications/treatments given to each boarder. This is reviewed daily by the School Nurse.  

Prescribed Medications  

Any medication prescribed by a General Practitioner/Specialist that requires border self-administration must be discussed with the School Nurse.  

Appropriate documentation (available from School Nurse) must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian, School Nurse and GP. This also applies for medications/supplements that are issued by parents (non-prescription or not stocked at school).  

All prescription repeats are kept in the Health Centre and the School Nurse is responsible for arranging new supply or arrange medical review.  

Exceptions to the above include the Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP) and some topical medications, e.g., Eczema treatments. Discussion with the School Nurse is advised in these instances.  

Schedule 8 Medications (e.g., Ritalin and Concerta)  

These medications must be supplied by parent/guardian in the original container labelled with the student’s name, dosage, and instructions.  

Written authorisation from prescribing Doctor/Paediatrician is also required. The School Nurse will not administer these medications without appropriate authority.  

A register is kept in which the School Nurse and Student will sign following administration of the prescribed medication.  

Covid Vaccinations 

It is important to recognise that some public events and venues still require vaccination proof if over 16, and this may potentially preclude unvaccinated students from participating in off-site sporting and community activities.