Boarding • Prep (Homework & Study)

Prep is an integral part of the school’s academic programme. Prep aims to consolidate class work, develop good organisational skills, and encourages responsible research and study habits. 

All students are expected to complete Prep each Monday – Thursday nights. They are supervised by residential tutors and boarding staff. During this time, mobile phones are not to be taken to the library or study venue.  

  • Years 7 – 11 will complete supervised Prep in the Senior School Library.  
  • Year 12 students have the option to complete their Prep in their rooms or the Senior School Library. It is expected that all students take responsibility for their own learning and engage in Prep diligently. Regular communication with academic staff is available for students. Additional Prep/Homework can be completed outside Prep time. The school Library is open until 5.30pm Monday – Friday.  

Tutor Assistance  

Years 7 – 11 boarders complete homework under the supervision of an Academic Tutor and a MOD who will provide encouragement and assistance.  

Year 12 boarders may choose to work in their own areas under the supervision of staff. Tutors help boarders on a group or individual basis, as required. Programmes are arranged to assist boarders to develop organisational skills. House Staff and Academic Tutors will check the performance of boarders by looking at homework, discussing work matters and assisting with problems. Day School staff will notify boarding staff, if and/or when parents are informed of work-related matters. The effectiveness of any programme, tutor help or homework is dependent upon the self-discipline and motivation of the student.  

Quiet time in rooms is allocated on Sunday night for students to ensure all homework is completed for the start of the school week.