Boarding • Leave Arrangements (REACH)

REACH • Our Leave Management Software  

Scots’ boarding uses an online leave management system called REACH.  

REACH simplifies the leave request and approval process for our boarding community and enables seamless communication between parents, boarders, hosts, and boarding staff. 

It provides boarding staff with access to a complete boarder list with a real-time summary count of how many students are on or off campus, details about the current location of each student and rapid one-click access to a full Boarder Profile. REACH enables staff to know where each student is, when they left and when they are scheduled to return.

The REACH Student and Parent app allows Scots’ students and parents to access their school account to request and approve leave events, sign in and out of locations at school, view their personal calendar and manage their approved hosts.

All new boarders and parents/guardians are sent an email by REACH to introduce the platform and provide specific access details for the individual boarder and their parents/guardians; this will include a video which explains REACH. These details will be provided in the week prior to commencing school.

Absence from School  

If boarders are going to be away from School, parents must phone or email both the Boarding House and the Day School of this intention when it occurs at the last minute because of unforeseen circumstances. Planned absences can be completed as a leave request on REACH. Boarding staff inform the Day School of students who are away.  

Leave Arrangements  

Weekend Leave 
Weekend leave is available to boarders, provided that all commitments (sport, music, et al.) are met. The online REACH program can be utilised to coordinate weekend and daily leave.

Special Occasion Leave  
Leave for special occasions such as the Presentation Ball, Graduation Ball and parties require notice well in advance to the Boarding House staff.  

Boarders are not permitted to return to the Boarding House after a party. It is their responsibility to arrange for a host to assist with accommodation. Boarders must be aware of the added responsibility that this creates for hosts. It is the responsibility of boarding parents to contact party hosts to assess the safety of each party.  

Anyone collecting a boarder for leave must call at the Boarding House desk and introduce themselves.  

Closed Weekend Programme (CWP) 
There will be no weekend leave for any boarders on the first weekend of Term 1. This helps new boarders to settle into boarding house life. 

NOTE: The CWP for 2023 is scheduled for 3-5 February 2023.  

All boarders are expected to be on-site for the CWP from 16h00 on Friday 3 February 2023. 

Sports Leave  
Boarders must sign in and out using REACH with the MOD before they leave for a sporting commitment (practice or game). The Boarding House must know the travel arrangements made.  

Street Leave  
Years 7 - 10  
Students are permitted to take weekday leave to Dean Street, provided that:

  • they sign in and out through REACH 
  • the leave does not interfere with commitments 
  • they are accompanied by at least one other student  
  • they return before 5.00pm

Students may only take street leave once during Monday – Thursday.  

Sunday Night Leave 
Our stance on Sunday night leave is quite simply: no leave is granted unless it is essential. Once boarders return on a Sunday evening, the focus should be on preparing for the week at school, rather than seeking further opportunities for recreation. 

Boarding Driver  
Boarders may utilise the services of the Boarding driver to transport them to legitimate after school activities/appointments that they have not been able to organise their own transport for. Sport training, medical appointments, tutoring, and volunteering activities are common examples of accepted reasons to use the Boarding driver. Requests need to be added to the register no later than the morning of the required lift.  

Appointment Leave  
Any student going to a personal appointment (e.g., orthodontist, doctor) must inform the School Nurse who will organise travel for the appointment.  

Appointments should be arranged to occur during school holidays where possible.  

Leave with People Other than Parents  
Boarders will only be given permission to leave the school grounds or travel in the vehicle of another person when permission has been granted by both staff and parents via REACH. It is the responsibility of parents to contact the host to ensure they are aware of the plans.  

Mobile Phones on Leave  
Whenever on leave, boarders should have a charged and credited mobile phone with them (or be on leave with someone who has one). This phone’s number should be registered with the Head of House or the MOD before leave is taken.