Boarding • What to Bring

Below is a list of recommended items for boarding students. The items listed should only be considered as a guideline and not an exhaustive list.  

In addition to casual wear and school uniform requirements, which can be found in the Uniform Policy on our website, Boarders will need to provide the following items for their own personal use. We recommend that Boarders have at least 2 school uniform shirts, shorts, dresses to ensure time for laundering (though only 1 kilt and blazer, as required).

Note that it is essential that all Boarders have smart casual wear for formal occasions. In the Dining Hall, sensible casual wear must be worn. At all times, casual wear must be neat and tidy, respectable and in good repair.  

All clothing must be clearly labelled with a woven name-tag or laundry marker.

3 Towels
1 Mattress Protector
Face washer
1 Pillow
1 Doona
2 Pillowcases
2 Doona Covers
2 Flat sheets
2 Bottom Sheets
General Items
1 laundry bag or basket
Nail clippers
1 Mesh laundry bag for underwear
Coat hangers
Summer & winter pyjamas
Extra name tags
1 Pair runners
Washing powder for personal use (optional)
General toiletries
1 Shoe cleaning kit
1 School approved electrical power board
1 Desk lamp